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Darryl Moss for NC

client: the Committee to Elect Darryl Moss for NC



Darryl Moss for NC

Darryl D. Moss began his career in public service being elected to the Creedmoor Planning Board in 1987.  One of his greatest accomplishments was partnering with local elementary schools to create Government Day.  This initiative brought 2nd graders to City Hall to serve as mayor and commissioners for the day to learn about their local government. Darryl now serves on the Federal Bureau of Prisons Community Relations Board, the Vance-Granville Community College Endowment Board, the Families Living Violence Free Board of Directors, and was an Organizing Director of Union Bank. Darryl attended South Granville High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Darryl Moss is a candidate for the North Carolina House of representatives, District 2.

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Darryl Moss


Darryl Moss for NC Campaign

The Committee to Elect Darryl Moss for NC sought to develop a cohesive campaign that displayed Darryl’s personality and platform through digital. Darryl Moss is running for for NC House 2 because “having done what we’ve done, knowing what we know, there is no way I could sit on the sidelines at this critical moment for our state. I will work hard to make sure we have opportunity and ability to work and provide for our families, to have great schools for our kids, and to live, work and play in a clean environment."

The Darryl Moss for NC website and campaign marketing materials aimed to effectively display the platform of Darryl Moss and provide citizens more information about his background and goals for NC.




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