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client: the mu zeta chapter of alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc.


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The Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was founded on April 15, 1976 on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Through manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind, the chapter aspires to uplift and help the campus and local community.


The Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant

The Miss Black and Gold Pageant is an event whose primary purpose is to foster the inextricable connection between success and confidence amongst young women. This pageant spotlights the young women’s etiquette, communication skills, intelligence, and beauty. In all, the Miss Back and Gold Pageant encompasses true womanhood, achievement, and confidence. Academic excellence and scholarship are greatly emphasized in the competition, representing central criteria in the process of the selection of the pageant winner. The fraternity provides the contestants with scholarships to assist with the financial obligations associated with post-secondary studies. This year’s pageant underscores a central element of grace and poise: Uzuri. The Swahili term literally translates to ‘beauty’ in English. It is the embodiment of free expression and self-acceptance. Contestants personify this ideal, taking to the stage in competitions of diction, elegance, and talent.


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Increase engagement with this year's pageant court through multiple touch-points for branding, marketing, and sales.



Website Design

Flyer Design

Social Media Engagement

Event Branding


project RESULTS

10,000+ Campaign Impressions

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In collaboration with Embee Kanu Photography a studio photo-shoot was executed to highlight each individual contestant and the court collectively with grace and elegance.

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To showcase the entire court and introduce attendees to their backgrounds, accomplishments and platforms a publication was crafted. 



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Content was carefully crafted to engage with the chapter's followers via social media outlets including Twitter and Instagram.

Content creation

To bolster the branding and identity of each contestant prior to the pageant a playlist was curated to showcase each court member's musical interests. The Uzuri Playlist gave listeners an opportunity to learn more about the character and personality of each contestant. Descriptions of each contestant's song choice was provided via the Q&A featured in the Uzuri Publication. Playlists are live for streaming via Apple Music and Spotify.


A webpage was designed on the chapter's website to provide details regarding the event along with exclusive content that supported the brand of each contestant.

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