Welcome to the Amazon


With the rise of Amazon as an ecommerce powerhouse I couldn’t help but to be amazed both as a user and student of consumer insights. In need of materials for an upcoming performance I buckled up and subscribed to Amazon Prime. At first reluctant to sign up I entered a space of urgency and need to receive my performance materials in the mail quickly. I became another consumer that Amazon could capitalize on because they could meet a need that other platforms could not. Breadth of products and quick delivery. Amazing Amazon. 

Upon visiting amazon.com I was able to easily find the products I needed at a price that fit my budget. Ease of shopping and discovery on Amazon is a key differentiator from other platforms. Often times I’ll utilize Amazon as a product search tool just because I know it will populate the results I need and at least link me to the brands that produce the products I’m interested in. My pleasant experience abruptly shifted when it was time for check out. Not being an Amazon Prime user it was a pain to see the quicker delivery times compared to regular shipping. I became frustrated at the reality of having to sign up for Amazon Prime which would just subject me to another routine expense. Eventually I recognized that my need outweighed my brief inconvenience and that is when I joined the community of Amazonians..

Amazon understands that their consumers want ease, efficiency, and quality. The Amazon customer base is not restricted by age due to how translatable their technology is across generations. Amazon Prime is a feature that compels many users to use the platform above other eccomerce options because of this reality.

Looking back on my experience shopping on Amazon my only pain point was the transition from being a regular consumer to the financial commitment of Amazon Prime. Many other consumers are likely experiencing this same process and if there isn’t a dire urgency for the product they may defer to using a different option despite the obvious benefits.

To provide greater ease and transition for consumers into Amazon Prime I would suggest the company pursue a strategic partnership with another subscription based company. This has been recently implemented by both Hulu and Spotify where subscribers of one platform are granted free subscription the other.


This approach will afford both companies and onboard of thousands of new consumers allowing them to tap into individuals. If Amazon can integrate a pre-existing service that will easily onboard its users onto Amazon Prime this pain point can be resolved and their business can continue to flourish.

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