Fast Food Companies Find New Ways To Win Over Customers

Fast Food Companies are increasingly winning over customers with what is in their pockets. You may be thinking money, but these companies are a step ahead. Fast Food giants such as; Wendy's, Wing Stop, and Cookout, have responded to the rapidly changing digital age. With now over 3 billion users, social media has become a breeding ground for brand awareness and customer acquisition. Today these quick serve restaurant chains are recognizing the urgency to connect on social media but in a particular way.


The social media managers for these restaurants understand that they must truly connect with the individual user rather than simply market their product or promotion to the masses. A large share of traffic and impressions on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are due to organic posts crafted by consumers that their online peers can connect with.

Tactics such as inclusive and relatable language including slang and popular phrases has been recently implemented by companies to mimic this type of connectivity. In addition, referencing pop culture that resonates with thousands of users is an effective way quick serve restaurant chains have engaged users.

The privately owned fast food chain Cook Out, has grown customers and brand awareness despite being heavily concentrated in the south through the power of social media.


Wing Stop, the Casual counter-serve chain serving a variety of chicken wings & sides, and Wendy’s, the American international fast food restaurant chain founded in 1969 put their digital talents to test by engaging in a 'rap battle' via Twitter this past week.


The exchange began with Wing Stop taking advantage of the opportunity to comment on a customer’s post which had previously gone viral by referencing the Migos’ song “Bad and Boujee”. The user’s tweet had already generated the audience Wing Stop was seeking to attract by receiving over 30,000 Retweets and surpassing 100,000 likes. Wendy’s was then looped into the conversation by a user commenting for the chain to “step up your game”. Shortly after, a rap battle ensued between both chains as they competed to see who had better rhymes which grew their favorability for those watching.


Overall, the interaction resulted in over half-a-million retweets and engagement with both brands from thousands of users. This proved to be a great opportunity for Wing Stop as it was able to capitalize on Wendy's 2 million followers compared to their 204.8K follower count. Both chains were able to develop brand recognition and alliance as users picked sides between the battle. At no point did either company have to explicitly tell users to buy their product. The exchange led users to buy into their respective brands which ultimately will lead to sales and long-term customer relationships. The impact of just these few tweets speaks volumes to the power of social media and the need for companies in this space to keep their marketing ear to the social media 'streets'.

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