What the Font?

I decided to delve deeper into the field of design by watching a documentary. Watching “Font Men” a SXSW 2014 Official Documentary Short Selection opened my eyes to the world of font design. Fonts are threaded throughout our everyday experience. Take a look at your to-go cup from a restaurant, social media apps, and websites and you’ll see the diversity of fonts and their fixation in the everyday experience. What was impressionable upon me from this documentary was the storytelling element.

The animated display of the font development process was very helpful for me to connect with the documentary subject. If this visual was not present the varying stages of font design described by the Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones would not have translated as well. In addition to the font development display the documentary embeds examples of fonts in our everyday life throughout the video. Incorporating these various displays of fonts consistently emphasizes the relevance of the subject to the viewer. When presenting a creative strategy one can leverage visual tools such as animation to display a process or communicate a complicated idea. Tools for animation that I have used in the past include Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Blender.

I plan to incorporate visual animation in future presentations of my own. This tool has proven to be effective for communicating processes and explaining consumer behavior.

When evaluating effective creative strategy the best work results from stellar presentation. A strategy goal without a presentation plan is just a dream. As displayed by “Font Men” there are multiple elements to telling a comprehensive and compelling story. Tactics and approaches embedded within this documentary will be very informative in the work for any creative strategist. How do you plan to tell your brand’s story?

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